3-17-17 Blog.

The beginning of my 2017 garden has emerged. The tomato seeds that I planted last weekend sprouted after only 4 days underground in the starter greenhouse. I feel as if I definitely did something right there as it generally takes 7 to 10 days for tomato seeds to germinate. Today, I purchased two dozen peat pots and some potting soil and replanted 18 of my strongest seedlings. In a day or two, I’ll replant my next strongest half-dozen. That should give me a solid 20 to 24 plants to choose from when it’s time to get outside if everything goes as planned until then.

3-11-17 Blog.

I’m going to try something new. All of my gardens past were populated with tomatoes purchased as plants at the local nursery or at Walmart. Over the winter, while browsing through my seed catalogs, I came across a new variety that piqued my interest so much that I just had to try them out. The only problem was that I could only buy them as seeds. So, this evening, I’m venturing into the world of starting seeds at home. I’ve purchased a miniature greenhouse with enough peat pellets to grow 72 tomatoes (I only have 28 seeds). If everything takes off as planned, I should have more than enough tomatoes to plant by May 1st and maybe a few to sell also. I’ll keep you posted on their progress over the next six weeks so stay dialed in if you’re interested in purchasing any of my extras.

3-2-17 Blog

As is generally the case, I’m ecstatic that the month of February has come to a close and March is now here. That fact, along with the seeds that I ordered having arrived last week, gets me thinking about what’s about to transpire in the upcoming month or so. It won’t be long and I’ll be tuning up the tiller in preparation for another season. Hopefully, I get some cooperative weather this month so I can get a head start on turning the soil over. I really enjoy early season gardening as it allows me to get rolling before the weather gets warmer.