10/7/16 Blog

With cooler fall temperatures making an initial appearance this week, I’ve been busier with year-end duties.  I pulled the fall red beets Wednesday and while there were some nice ones, I could tell that were hurt by the drought.  I passed them on to my mother with the hope of receiving some beet jelly in the near future.  That stuff is as good as any fruit based preserve I’ve ever tasted!

I’ve also transplanted some of the new fall growth that the strawberry runners are producing.  I lost four of my original eight plants this summer, but am now up to 15 total.   Hopefully, I can 3 to 6 more started before Jack Frost sets in and I have to cover everything up for the impending winter cold.

All that remains in my garden now are the tomatoes – which are beginning to die off – and the green and jalapeño peppers.   As they expire in the next month or so and I pull the final two celery that I have, I’ll finish the fall tilling and begin to put everything away.  Before long, I’ll start making plans for next year’s exploits.   I’ll post a couple more times as the year comes to a close.


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