11-10-16 Blog

The 2016 edition of my vegetable garden has come to an end.  The entire area has been covered in a blanket of grass clippings and mulched leaves.  I hope that I’ll get better soil quality with higher water retention and fewer weeds by doing so.  In addition , all tools and equipment have been put away for the year and the strawberries received a straw covering. This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever had to deal with trying to keep plants alive over the winter months .  I’ve worked extremely hard to salvage the initial planting from this summer’s drought and even managed to double my total number of plants by transplanting some of the fall runners.  I’d be very disappointed if I had to start over again in the springtime.  If they persevere, I should be set up for a decent crop next year.  I’m really looking forward to that as I’ve found that sun ripened berries are much better tasting than anything you’ll find in the store .

In order to keep myself occupied this winter and to help my soil quality in the spring, I’ve taken on the task of starting a couple of compost piles.  I started with my green tomato vines and layered them between fresh grass clippings and some existing soil from the garden .   I’ve since added some shredded paper that I acquired and some peelings from home.  I already watered it down a couple times and turned it once in order to speed up the decomposition process.  Hopefully by next planting season I’ll have myself some high quality mulch to use.  I’ll keep you updated on its progress all offseason .

2 thoughts on “11-10-16 Blog”

  1. How are the strawberries doing since we have uncovered them? Be sure to lightly cover them back up if the temperature goes below freezing, in the meantime.

    1. I completely forgot to go back this week and check on them to be honest. I’ll make a point to do so in the morning and maybe I’ll post my findings.

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